5 Key Preparations Before Traveling

If you are planning a trip, it is likely that you have collected information about the destination and are outlining in your mind the luggage you will be carrying. However, it is a good idea to make a list of basic preparations to make sure we do not forget anything fundamental. Remember that organizing and preparing your trip is part of it, and should be done with time and enjoying the process.

Check your documentation

The main thing should be to review each and every one of the documents that you have to take with you. To travel through most of the countries of Europe you will only need to bring your ID, but for others you probably need a passport, visa and/or authorizations.

Find out what documentation you need to access the country you are traveling to and do not forget to check the expiration dates: both ID and passport can expire at five or ten years, depending on your age. In addition, the latter must be valid for more than six months. Otherwise, they probably will not let you cross the controls at the airport.

On the other hand, have you thought if you will have to drive in your destination? In that case, check if you need to apply for the international driving license. Of course, with the Spanish permit you will need to carry out this procedure only if you move to a country that does not belong to the European Union.

Prepare your money

You will not only have to decide how much money you will take in cash throughout the trip: if the destination country has a currency other than the euro, you will need to find an exchange office and take the local currency. Remember to review the fees that will be charged and how long they take. It is also important to calculate the expenses you will have throughout the trip to decide the amount you take.

Check your luggage twice more

Do you really think you’re going to need all that luggage? Our most common mistake is “if we doubt, we’ll take it”. Let’s face it: we tend to overload ourselves with dozens of garments, accessories and leisure items that at the end of the trip we did not remember we were carrying. Remember, also, that each airline has different weight limits.

Calculate the days you will be traveling and depending on it, prepare the amount of clothes you should wear. The main rule is not to fall into the “just in case” trap.
Transport at the destination

Remember that you not only have to foresee how you will travel from your accommodation to each tourist point. One of the most frequent questions at the beginning of a trip is usually “And how do I go to the airport?”

With Infowisataku you can go to terminals 1 and 2 of Barcelona quickly and comfortably. In addition, it also makes the journey in the opposite direction, to get to the city center when you return from your trip.

Do not worry about the frequency, there is an Infowisataku every five minutes that will take you to your destination in little more than half an hour! In addition, you will not have to worry about whether you are traveling on a national or local holiday: you can take the Infowisataku every day of the year.

Have the tickets and reservation documents on hand

Few things are more annoying than the queues that are formed when boarding a plane because of someone who can not find your boarding pass. Or the reception of a hotel stopped because someone does not remember where he kept the reservation document of his room.

To avoid these situations, it is advisable to have located the QR codes on our mobile, so that this procedure is significantly streamlined. You can also complete this process with the Infowisataku tickets: show the PDF of the ticket to the driver and in a few seconds you will be choosing where to sit!

In Infowisataku it is not obligatory to print the vouchers. You can show them printed on paper or directly from your mobile. You choose!

Remember that the important thing in a trip is not the amount of places you visit or the distance from it, but the sensations and memories that you have left. And the key to everything comes out round is none other than the planning and use of the best services you have around you.

And you, what is the star preparation that you never forget? Tell us in the comments!

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