Good-Nice-Cheap Trips in January

You may be thinking that January is not the happiest month of the year, because of the cold, the rain, the cloudy days … But there is no problem that does not solve a good trip. Today at Infowisataku we want to show you some of the most spectacular good-looking-cheap destinations to visit in November. We must bear in mind that not all destinations are appropriate for this date of the year, so taking that into account, we show you some of them. Prepare your suitcase, your passport and do not break the bank, you will not need to enjoy many charming destinations that you have to visit sometime in life.


Let’s start with nearby destinations. The Canary Islands are the perfect place to forget the month in which we are. At this time of year, in Lanzarote we can enjoy an average of 24 degrees, a perfect temperature to forget the cold of the Peninsula. And if you are looking for more heat, you can visit the Fire Mountains of Timanfaya National Park, which offers a landscape that seems to come from another planet. You will enjoy a landscape that is the result of more than 100 erupting volcanoes that devastated the area. They look very similar to 200 years ago, when the eruptions occurred. From the moment you visit the area you can feel the strength of the earth, with temperatures up to 600 degrees below the surface.

The iron

The smallest of the seven islands is one of the most desired to visit this November. It is the most relaxed place to forget about stress and work. In El Hierro you will enjoy pure nature, look at it wherever you look at it. You can enjoy spectacular landscapes such as the Mirador de la Peña, the Vulcanological Interpretation Center, or the Ecomuseum Guinea to learn about the culture of the island. And if you wish, you can also enjoy the sea. You can visit the Tacorón Beach in the south of the island, or take a dip in its natural pools such as La Maceta, Charco Azul, Charco Manso and Pozo de las Calcosas.


The Andalusian city enjoys a very pleasant climate at this time of year. Its average temperature is 20 degrees, so you can walk through its Jewish quarter, visit the Mezquita, one of the best historical monuments in Spain, stroll along the banks of the Guadalquivir, and sit down to try a good dish of Salmorejo with fried aubergines some of its terraces. You can also visit Medina Azahara, recently declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco and only eight kilometers from the city center. It is one of the best destinations for this month of November also for the very good prices offered by the city of Cordoba.

Agadir, Morocco

And if we leave Spain, but without going too far, we can visit Agadir, a lively Atlantic city that is 850 kilometers from Ceuta. It is the great city of southern Morocco and capital of the rich agricultural region of Souss-Massa-Draa. On your coast you can enjoy a swim in the middle of November as the water temperature is magnificent, with an average of 22 degrees, and perfect to cool off while sunbathing on the beach. You can discover the tradition, folklore and hospitality of the locals and enjoy a sense of tranquility surrounded by granite mountains and away from the urban hustle and bustle.

Dijon, France

If we look towards the north of our country, we can move to Dijon, in French Burgundy. Resta region is characterized by a very varied landscape with gentle hills, deep forests, lakes and perfect rivers. It is only a couple of hours from Lyon and is perfect to enjoy a few days of disconnection. Does your name ring and you do not know what? Dijon is famous for its mustard and is a perfect place to enjoy French cuisine. And if you like to walk, you can take a walk through the medieval old town of this city that has buildings such as the Gothic church of Notre Dame, the Renaissance church of Saint Michel and the San Benigno Abbey that is more than 1000 years old. .


Tuscany is one of those charming places that you want to escape at any time of the year. What is certain is that this region is a very attractive place in November because it becomes even more beautiful when the colors of autumn arrive. The best? That at this time of the year, as it is not high season, the prices of flights and hotels are much cheaper. In addition, you will have cities such as Pisa or Florence very close to visit by car. You will enjoy gastronomy, culture and dream landscapes combined in one of the best vacations in Europe in November.

Now that we have given you some clues about the best destinations to visit in this month of November, we recommend you to go by Infowisataku to Barcelona El Prat airport to enjoy your trip even before you start it. And if you want, you can buy your ticket online to not worry about having to do it when you get on the bus. Enjoy November in any city that has good-nice-cheap features, and take advantage of what this time of year can offer you.

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