The Best Destinations to Spend the New Year

With the arrival of the New Year, wishes and new hopes appear. With it, the end of a year is put to an end and a new one is started from scratch that renews the feeling of hope. We change the year and leave the past behind and look to the future with renewed energies and new promises and illusions to fulfill. The place where we celebrate takes on an important value if we consider all this. In Infowisataku we want to show you some of the most characteristic and special destinations to give the entrance to a new year in style, whether in family, with friends, or even you alone. And if you want to go to the Barcelona airport you can buy your ticket online through our website. But first, know the destinations that we advise you to visit in New Year. Do not miss the chance!

New York

A movie end of year. How many times have we seen Christmas movies that have been shot in this city? To be able to enjoy the Christmas lights in a big way, walk through so many iconic sites, watch the ball descend on the roof of the One Times Square building before millions of people crowding the famous Manhattan street crossing shouting the countdown, or skating on the stately ice rink at Rockefeller Center. New York lives Christmas in style and is decorated to receive the new year with special activities to spend an unforgettable night. You’ll even see fireworks thanks to a large pyrotechnic show from Times Square.


The British city could not be less on such a special day. London offers an impressive display of fireworks at the London Eye, just across from Big Ben and over the River Thames. Change of year in this city will be hard to forget. Like every cosmopolitan and vibrant city, the options of having a good time tonight are many. You can also enjoy this show from one of the other bridges near the London Eye, or even cruise on the Thames. There are many companies that offer cruises that night, without crowds, and without going cold. Can you ask for more?

Koh Samet, Thailand

This is one of the islands that is located closer to Bangkok. On New Year’s Eve all the restaurants put the tables on the beach and are filled with families and friends who come together to celebrate a huge party. You will dine on the beach, stepping on the sand, overlooking the sea, and doing the countdown to 12 o’clock at night and the expected fireworks. In addition, they also place on a pillars on the shore a wooden sign where you can read Happy New Year that catch fire at midnight. But the night does not end here, after dinner, in many places music is heard and you can dance until late at night. It is a completely different New Year’s Eve and every time it gathers more followers, so it is recommended to book in advance.


In the city of Istanbul, people gather tonight in Taksim Square where you can share space with millions of people and just as the clock strikes 00:00 the city lights up with thousands of fireworks. In that moment you will begin to enjoy one of the most unforgettable nights of your life. Taksim is located in the European part of Istanbul. Then, you can dance the night away in a disco or enjoy the fireworks at the top of a skyscraper. In the streets there is a party around every corner, but that makes this moment even more special and unique, it is an ideal place to make friends of those that last a lifetime.


And how could it be otherwise, one of the most desired and special destinations to spend New Year’s Eve is Barcelona. In Barcelona this great night is celebrated full of joy, light and color. In the Fuente de Montjuic you can find the official party that you have to attend. The event begins at 11pm and from there you can see the light and color show that characterizes this fountain that will make you forget even the cold for a few minutes. At 00.00 the countdown takes place and with it the 12 chimes, and then an incredible pyrotechnic fireworks show begins. With the arrival of the new year in Barcelona you can enjoy a night full of music, dancing and debauchery.

During these dates there are many who choose dinners with the family, but very few are those who stay at home after the grapes. Then there are those who prefer to live each New Year’s Eve in a different place and take a flight to end-of-year destinations. We have recommended some of them. But there are many more. Whatever destination you choose, make your year’s entry wonderful!

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